miProfesionales by Micolchón's General Conditions


Orders will be delivered to your home, with free shipping* for purchases over 300,00 € (check conditions by quantity and special sizes). NOTE: Currently we do not cover Ceuta and Melilla or the Canary Islands. Orders for the Balearic Islands must be consulted in order to calculate shipping costs. The delivery period will be approximately 5 to 15 working days from the confirmation of the order, except items with special sizes or that are not in stock or in the case of the Balearic Islands. Delivery can always be specified by telephone or by e-mail.

Conditions of Shipping Service (SEUR):

  1. These conditions will apply to shipments contracted in the absence of specific agreements or conditions derived from the particularity of each product or service. Check the page on existing rates for each service or product.
  2. The contractual data on the designation of merchandise, name, address and town of the recipient and sender are provided by the sender and under its responsibility, and are not verified by the Agency, except in case of severe imminent risk or request from an official authority. The service provision will take place from Monday through Friday, except Saturday morning in the SEUR 8:30, SEUR 10 and SEUR 13:30 services. This schedule excludes holidays at the destination and the Saturday corresponding to Holy Week.
  3. DELIVERY GUARANTEE.In case of non-compliance with the agreed delivery period for the contracted service, the compensation to be paid will consist in a refund of the fees paid by the customer. The following will not be considered non-compliance of the delivery deadline: absence of the recipient, change of address, unknown recipient or address, unpaid fees, replacements or reimbursements, closings for vacations, deliveries after the deadline on the second delivery attempt, causes of force majeure or chance or others not attributable to the Agency. Merchandise sent “for pick-up” at the address or warehouse of the destination SEUR Agency is excluded from this guarantee.
  4. IMPROVEMENT OF LIABILITY COVERAGE.Lacking express delivery of the value of the merchandise transported, the maximum liability of the Shipper for damages, losses or harm suffered, except for delays in delivery pursuant to the fourth clause above, is limited to a maximum amount of 30.05 € per kilo of weight delivered with a maximum compensation limit of 1,800 € per shipment, under the exclusive responsibility of the contracting Agency. The above is true except in the MULTI-ENVELOPE product, in which the compensation will be of 30.05 € per envelope. Regarding the effects of coverage of the compensation described above, 8% will be charged on the shipping price as improved coverage. (Minimum 1.22 € per shipment) except for the MS and MP products that already include it in the price.
  5. DECLARED VALUE INSURANCE.We hereby state the possibility to contract supplementary insurance hereunder to cover any damages to the merchandise, through declaration of actual value, up to its declared value. The cost of this insurance included in the invoice will be 1.25% of the declared value (minimum 2.15 €). In this case, the amount indicated in the above section will not be charged. On failure to subscribe to this insurance, the contractual liability limits indicated above will be applicable in ALL CASES. This shall not be altered by the necessary submittal of documents that, in order to proceed with the transit of the merchandise, make reference to its value or content, which will be considered as an off-contract declaration and for the sole purposes of administration before third parties.
  6. The sender declares knowing and accepting the conditions and delivery deadlines of the service contracted, the establishment, effects and price for the shipping contracted and other expenses, according to the company chart of effective rates, which are known, provided and available to him. For pick-up and delivery outside of the capital of the province, fees will be charged as indicated according to each service in the rates guide.
  7. The Shipping Agency reserves at all times the right to reject a package and consequently not provide service due to improper packing for shipping, anomalous appearance or for other causes foreign to the assignment. In case of rejection due to inadequate packaging and if the sender insists on it being shipped, the Shipper shall not be liable for damages or harm to the merchandise; the signature of the customer in the corresponding section of the receipt will suffice for this purpose. No packages and objects may be shipped if their content is illegal or if the shipping of which is subject to special requirements or provisions (weapons; money or similar; toxic, inflammable or hazardous materials, explosives, etc.), it being the sole and exclusive responsibility of the shipper, who shall expressly release the Agency from any liability to that regard. Likewise, no merchandise longer than three meters may be shipped.
  8. The merchandise shall be delivered to the address designated by the sender, except for repeated absence of the recipient or if, due to the weight, volume or the functional characteristics of the building, do not allow a person to perform a normal delivery, in which case, upon advance notice, delivery will take place at a street door or at the SEUR main office at the destination. In case of absence of the recipient, a failed delivery notice will be left, as well as of the form for agreeing to a second delivery. (A fee of 31.78 € will be charged for services exceeding mere pick-up and delivery of the merchandise or that involve an unusual process).
  9. Non-delivery of the transported merchandise due to absence or refusal by the recipient, lack of his/her data or unpaid amounts derived from shipment (fees, insurances, duties, expenses, reimbursement value…), will be responsibility of the recipient, which shall be required to bear, under its responsibility, all of the expenses of this incident including, as applicable, storage expenses, the price and reimbursement premium and other merchandise shipping expenses generated on its return to origin or later deliveries, and the effect on the corresponding insurance.
  10. The signature of the delivery receipt by the recipient shall be a necessary requirement for delivering the merchandise. If the recipient fails to sign the receipt, the Agency shall be released from any liability.
  11. A CLAIM FOR DAMAGES to the merchandise must be made within TWENTY-FOUR HOURS of delivery if the damages are not noticeable from the outside, or AT THE VERY MOMENT of delivery, and precisely in the contractual document, if damages can be seen from the outside. This excludes shipments with origin or destination in Portugal, where the deadline is eight days from delivery. Any ACTIONS derived from the shipping contract ARE LIMITED TO THE SAME YEAR.